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Waterfalls Krka






NATIONAL PARK KRKA On the way to National Park Krka will stop in Sibenik to visit St Jacobs Cathedral made in 15th century. National Park Krka consist 17 of natural barriers which takes breath away. River springs near Knin, under the Topoljski slap waterfall, and after flowing 72.5 km, drains into the Adriatic Sea at Sibenik. On Krka you’ll find ruins of former hydroelectric plant that was constructed 1895 and now is protected as monument of industrial architecture. TRANSPORT: van or mini bus DISTANCE: 100 km THE PRICE : 450 kn

THE PRICE INCLUDES: transport by van or mini bus and entrance ticket .

THE PRICE DOESN'T INCLUDE: drinks, detour from the trip route, personal costs.


NATIONAL PARK PLITVIČKA JEZERA (PLITVICE LAKES) Plitvice Lakes are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. The sixteen lakes, connected by 92 waterfalls, cascade through the picturesque surrounding. Plitvice Lakes were declared a national park in 1949. From and 1979, they have been on UNESCO’s List of World Natural Heritage. The park’s attractions are caves and the varied flora and fauna. A guided tour lasts about two hours and half (both boat ride and walking tour). With our trips you will enjoy the beauty of the lakes and waterfalls, animals, forest.

TRANSPORT: van or min bus

DISTANCE: 220 km

THE PRICE FOR ONE PERSON: 650 kn (min. 4 persons)

THE PRICE INCLUDES: transport by van or mini bus, entrance ticket

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