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Klis _Fortress




Klis fortress is one of the oldest fortress and also one of the most important since it’s situated between two mountains and represents the only gates from north to central Dalmatian coast. Illirians were the first inhabitants which recognize this saddle as important one already in II. century A.D. Few centuries later Slavics-Croatian inhabit Klis to protect their most important city Salona which is located just few kilometers beneath. During next centuries it was used to resemble Turkish army. Turks took over Klis and held it until 18. Century. After they were defeated Klis is losing its importance since it wasn’t necessary to protect the gate any more. But remaining of the old Illiric and Croatian city are still there and represents one of the hot spots of Central Dalmatian history heritage. It also offer beautiful sight on Split, islands and mountains as it is settled on the top of the hill.

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