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This excursion starts at 08:00 in front of you hotel. There would be trawl- boat which can accept 40 persons that will learn fishing with trawl. The rest o the group will be embarked to the boat that will follow the main trawl-boat. After an two hours of driving we are at our destination and while we are heading to our first destination breakfast will be served on the boat. Near Šolta island we will start to pull the nets out. We will certainly pull out today’s lunch.... Two hours later we are heading to our second destination, a beautiful Blue lagoon on the island of Drvenik. With its unique landscape, crystal clear waters, within 2 m deep bay it is ideal for snorkeling and other water activities. While heading to the Blue lagoon you might even be able to see dolphins since this is their natural habitat and they are ofte being seen on this part of our trip.

Lunch is being served at 14:00, a tasteful fish grilled on wood seasoned with a pinch of rosemary sided by salad and bread shall make this meal a center thing of the day. Famous red and white wine from the island of Vis is being served to back up this great meal. After the lunch there is some time left for siesta under pine trees, a long walk by the sea or swimming. We are leaving the island at 15:30 to be at your hotel at 17:00 PRICE: 440,00 kn / 60,00 € per person

THE PRICE INCLUDES: transfers by boat, breakfast, guides, lunch

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