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Canyoining River Cetina


Extreme Canyoning Croatia




Cetina River is a river in southern Croatia and through the years has been flowing persistently through the canyon, creating beautiful shapes in its bed. Cetina descends from an altitude of 385 m at its source to the sea level when it flows into the Adriatic Sea. Cetina has 180 m high cliffs, basins, wild rapids, lakes. It is the most water-rich river in Dalmatia with crystal clear water that is pleasant for swimming.

Instructors will give you a life-jacket, a helmet, long water tight pants and a jacket. You slowly go down the canyon while the sound of the river amplifys, so after a ten-minute walk you find yourself deep in the canyon carved by the Cetina river. You walk through the river and the rapids, pass through subterranean tunnels, swim in natural river basins, bypass waterfalls and lakes.

All you have to bring is: a towel and sportswear.

Activity duration: 3 and 1/2 hours

Transfer duration in one direction: 45 min

Min: 2 people Max: 60 people


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